FriMat - The Profile

Nanotechnology is a new arena of science and engineering where structures and materials on the nanoscale are investigated, and where researchers manipulate atoms and molecules in order to create new and smart materials. It is multidisciplinary by definition, and promises to revolutionize the scientific and industrial world in a variety of areas that include high performance materials, environmental sciences, health, food and agricultural products. It is in this exciting and rapidly growing field where the Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials positions its new research activities.

FriMat combines a leading fundamental research program on soft condensed matter and solid state physics with an innovative approach to synthesize novel compounds in order to create and study advanced materials.

FriMat is determined to not only focus on the creation of novel materials and promote nanotechnology, but investigates into potential risks associated with nanoparticles, and develops new tools essential in any attempt to sample and characterize nanoparticles in the environment.

FriMat is committed to transfer its generated knowledge into practice and acts as a connecting link between fundamental physics research and industrial applications.

FriMat provides access to its unique experimental facilities and actively promotes long and short term industrial collaborations with international and national partners

FriMat helps to solve scientific and technical problems of small and medium size companies, which do not have the necessary research infrastructure.