Seminars and Group-Meetings
We invite people to join us in our FriMat seminars. The meetings are informal and meant to present and discuss recent work of visiting scientists and group members. If you would like to present your work in our seminar-series or if you wish to be informed of the seminar schedule by e-mail, please send an e-mail to Doriana Pedrioli
Seminars 2008
04.12.08 at 14.00
Auditorium 0.58.5
Structural investigations of MnAs/GaAs heterostructures and confined fluids
Dillip K. Satapathy, Swiss Light Source, Paul Scherrer Inst., Villigen
17.11.08 at 16.30
Small auditorium
Chemistry Dept.
Synthetically Tuned Luminophoric Materials: 3D Displays, Solar Energy Conversion, and Beyond
Stefan Bernhard, Dept. of Chemistry, Princeton University, USA
24.10.08 at 14.00
Small lecture hall, Chemistry Dept.
Molecular-based mono- and multilayers: sensors, communication and boolean logic
Milko van der Boom, Weizmann Institute
21.10.08 at 17.15
Big lecture hall, Chemistry Dept.
An electrochemical Approach towards Functional Nanostructures
Thomas Wandlowski, Universität Bern
30.09.08 at 15.00
Auditorium 0.51
Organic-based magnetism: Beyond the conventional wisdom
Toni Shiroka, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen
11.09.08 at 14.00
Auditorium 0.51
Watching matter moving with ultrafast electron diffraction
Fabrizio Carbone, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena , USA
26.08.08 at 15.00
Auditorium 0.51
Influences of high energy ion irradiation on metal/silicon junction
Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Inter-University Accelerator Centre,
New Delhi, India
15.08.08 at 14.00
Auditorium 0.51

Multi-gap Superconductivity and Vortex Core Spectroscopy in the
Chevrel Phase SnMo6S“8“
Dr. Alexander Petrovic, University of Geneva, Switzerland
19.06.08 at 14.00
Auditorium 0.51
Low-Energy Electrodynamics and Metal to Insulator Transition in strongly correlated Vanadium Oxides
Prof. Stefano Lupi, Department of Physics, CNR-INFM COHERENTIA and SISSI@ELETTRA, University of Rome
La Sapienza, Rome Italy
29.02.08 at 10:30
Auditorium 0.51
Molecular and Supra-Molecular Self Assembly at Surfaces: Towards Adressable Multi-stable Devices
Dr. Thomas Jung, Laboratory for Micro&Nanostructures, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) Villigen, Switzerland
18.02.08 at 15:00
Auditorium 2.73
X-ray magnetic reflectivity: A powerful tool for element specific investigations of functional magnetic materials
Dr. Eberhard Goering, Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung Stuttgart, Germany
07.02.08 at 14:00
Auditorium 2.73
Itinerant magnetic fluctuations and many-body correlations in NaxCoO2
Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin, Max-Planck Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany
14.01.08 at 11:00
Auditorium 2.73
THz magnetooptic ellipsometry: Applications to semiconductors and complex materials
Dr. Mathias Schubert, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA
11.01.08 at 10:30
Auditorium 0.51
Nanomaterials in Imaging
Dr. M. Pauchard, Ilford Imaging GmbH, Marly, Switzerland
Past Meetings
Summer/Fall 2007
Winter/Fall 2007
Summer/Fall 2006