Seminars and Group-Meetings
We invite people to join us in our FriMat seminars. The meetings are informal and meant to present and discuss recent work of visiting scientists and group members. If you would like to present your work in our seminar-series or if you wish to be informed of the seminar schedule by e-mail, please send an e-mail to Doriana Pedrioli
Seminars, Summer/Fall 2006
21.04.06 at 14:00
Mini Auditorium 0.58.5
Growth, structural characterization and stress effects in relaxor/ferroelectric heterostructures and superlattices
H. Bouyanfif  -  Condensed Matter Group, University of Birmingham, UK
24.04.06 at 11:15
Mini auditorium 0.58.5
Magneto-transport studies on thin films of high Tc cuprates & colossal magneto-resistive manganites, and their heterostructures
Ajay Singh  -  Technical Physics and Prototype Engineering Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai 400 085, India
Making something of thin films - oxides and etching
Richard Boucher  -  Institute for Physically High Technology (IPHT),
Jena, Germany
28.04.06 at 14:00
Mini Auditorium 0.58.5
19.07.2006, 14.15h,
Room 0.51
FriMat-Seminar: "Nanomaterials - on the way to electronic and sensoric applications"
Dr. Claudia Pacholski - Universität Hamburg, Germany

FriMat official Opening Ceremony

Friday, 3. November 2006, 16.05- 18:30

Auditorium 1.50
Department of Physics
Chemin du Musée 3
1700 Fribourg

Invited Speakers:
Mme la Conseillère d'Etat Isabelle Chassot
Urs Altermatt, Rector of the University of Fribourg
Christian Schönenberger, Deputy Director of the NCCR "Nanoscale Science", Basel
Jens Rieger, BASF
Gabriel Nussbaumer, Plant Manager Sika Schweiz AG
Luis Schlapbach, CEO EMPA
Spin reorientation in Na0.5CoO2 and K0.5CoO2 detected by muon-spin spectroscopy
Dr. Jun Sugiyama  -  Toyota Central Research and Development Labs, Japan
9.11.06 at 14:00
Room 2.73
27.11.2006, 11.15h,
Room 0.51
Photochemical Immobilization of Polymer Thin Films on Solid Substrates
Prof. Mingdi Yan - Department of Chemistry, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA (Abstract)