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Soft Nanotechnology
The interaction between colloidal particles, their ability to form either highly ordered or amorphous structures, is of fundamental importance for novel applications in areas such as photonics or composite materials. In combination with polymers, hybrid nanocomposites have been developed to combine the advantages of both classes of materials and widen their application range. Here we design functionalized nanoparticles that can be used to create adaptive polymer-colloid nanomaterials with tailored optical and mechanical properties. We investigate nanotechnology applications in areas such as life and food sciences. We also continue to develop tools for a non-invasive nanocharacterization of these complex materials.
Key questions:

What are the relevant parameters that allow us to control and optimize the stability and the performance of nanocomposites?

How can we learn from nature in order to create intelligent nanomaterials with complex functionality

How can we achieve a completely non-invasive and in-situ characterization of nanomaterials
Prof. Dr. Peter Schurtenberger peter.schurtenberger@unifr.ch